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1、成功者绝不放弃。 Winners never give up. 2、永不言弃直到目标实现,这是自信的力量! Never give up until the goal is achieved, this is the power of self-confidence! 3、决堤毁坝是可怕的;但最可怕的是意志和信念的崩溃。 It is terrible to break the dyke and destroy the dam, but the most terrible thing is the collapse of will and faith. 4、一个人有钱没钱不一定,但如果这个人没有了梦想,这个人穷定了。 It is not necessary for a person to be rich or not, but if he has no dream, he will be poor. 5、要让人觉得毫不费力,只能背后极其努力。 To make people feel effortless, they have to work hard behind their backs. 6、不把自己逼到绝路,你根本不知道自己的潜力有多大。 If you don't push yourself to the end, you don't know what your potential is. 7、曾经拥有的不要忘记,已经得到的要珍惜,属于自已的不要放弃。 Don't forget what you have, cherish what you have got, and don't give up what belongs to you. 8、拥有知识改变命运,拥有理想改变态度。 Having knowledge changes fate, having ideal changes attitude. 9、不要把时间、财力和劳力浪费在空洞多余的语言上。 Don't waste time, money and labor on empty words. 10、人所缺乏的不是才干而是志向,不是成功的能力而是勤劳的意志。 What people lack is not talent but ambition, not the ability to succeed, but the will to work hard. 11、活在别人的掌声中,是禁不起考验的人。 Live in the applause of others, is unable to withstand the test of people. 12、陪孩子读书长大是个人,给孩子观念长大后是人才。 It's an individual to accompany children to study and grow up, and it's a talent to give children ideas when they grow up. 13、有时候,坚持了你最不想干的事情之后,会得到你最想要的东西。 Sometimes, after sticking to the last thing you want to do, you will get what you want most. 14、我很乐意接受更多的财富和更大的成就。 I am willing to accept more wealth and greater achievements. 15、真心的对别人产生点兴趣,是推销员最重要的品格。 It is the most important character of a salesman to have a sincere interest in others. 16、缺乏信心并不是因为出现了困难,而出现困难倒是因为缺乏信心。 The lack of confidence is not because of difficulties, but because of lack of confidence. 17、没有等出来的辉煌;只有走出来的美丽。 There is no brilliance waiting for; only beauty coming out. 18、你要么努力向上爬,要么烂在社会最底层的泥淖里。 You either try to climb up, or you rot in the bottom of society. 19、有梦想的地方,地狱就是天堂;有希望在的地方,痛苦也成欢乐。 Where there is a dream, hell is heaven; where there is hope, pain becomes joy. 20、你一个人的努力可以改变三代人的命运。 Your efforts alone can change the fate of three generations. 21、你如履平地般地舒适坦然,当然不配拥有任何光芒。 You are as comfortable and calm as walking on the ground, and of course you don't deserve any light. 22、人生的目标不应是祈求风平浪静,而是要造一艘大船,破浪前行。 The goal of life should not be to pray for calm, but to build a big ship and go through the waves. 23、有决心,就有力量;有毅力,就会成功! There is determination, there is strength; there is perseverance, there will be success! 24、时刻就像一张网,你撒在哪里,你的收获就在哪里。 Time is like a net, where you scatter, where you harvest. 25、愿你放下执着,放下不甘心,从今以后,只负责精彩自己的人生。 I hope you can put down your persistence and unwillingness. From now on, you will only be responsible for your wonderful life. 26、吃够当下的苦,未来的甜才会顺理成章。 Eat enough of the present, the future will be sweet. 27、成熟不是心变老,而是眼泪在眼里打转却还保持微笑。 Maturity is not that the heart grows old, but that tears turn in the eyes and still keep smiling. 28、我们不行,往往不是因为我们不行,而是因为别人说了我们不行。 We can't, often not because we can't, but because others say we can't. 29、彼岸花开,末央的等待静候著凄凉的到来。 The other side of the flower, the end of the central waiting for the arrival of desolation. 30、踩着垃圾到达的高度和踩着金子到达的高度是一样的。 The height of stepping on garbage is the same as that of stepping on gold. 31、愚痴的人,一直想要别人了解他。有智慧的人,却努力的了解自己。 A fool always wants others to know him. Wise people try to understand themselves. 32、收获金秋,收获快乐,莫让青春一笑而过。 Harvest golden autumn, harvest happiness, don't let youth laugh. 33、向着理想迈步,总有一天你会到达比别人更高的山峰。 Step towards the ideal, one day you will reach a higher peak than others. 34、我们最大的弱点在于放弃。成功的必然之路就是不断的重来一次。 Our biggest weakness is to give up. The inevitable way to success is to continue to do it again. 35、努力是会上瘾的,特别是尝到甜头之后。 Hard work can be addictive, especially after a taste of sweetness. 36、过去的一页,能不翻就不翻,翻落了灰尘会迷了双眼。 In the past, if you don't turn the page, you will be lost in the dust. 37、一直以来,我都觉得自己不够好。我不完美,但我是完整的自己。 All along, I didn't feel good enough. I'm not perfect, but I'm complete. 38、世上再美的风景,都不及回家的那段路。 No matter how beautiful the scenery in the world is, it's not as good as the way home. 39、所有的目标都可以被达成,所有的梦想都可以被实现。 All goals can be achieved, all dreams can be realized. 40、再长的路,一步步也能走完;再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。 No matter how long the road is, you can finish it step by step; no matter how short the road is, you can't reach it without your feet. 41、未来一片迷茫,我只好带上坚强勇敢去闯。 The future is confused, I have to take a strong brave to break. 42、跌倒,撞墙,一败涂地,都不用害怕,年轻叫你勇敢。 Don't be afraid to fall, hit the wall, or lose. Youth makes you brave. 43、人生本来就是一场即兴演出,没有做不成的梦,只有不早醒的人。 Life is an improvisation. There are no dreams that can't be achieved, only people who don't wake up early. 44、一份耕耘,份收获,努力越大,收获越多。 A hard work, a harvest, the greater the effort, the more harvest. 45、最有效的资本是我们的信誉,它小时不停为我们工作。 The most effective capital is our reputation, which works for us all the time. 46、只要学不死,就往死里学。少年,你想要好的生活凭什么不去奋斗。 As long as you can't learn, learn from death. Young man, why don't you fight if you want a good life. 47、难过时,吃一粒糖,告诉自己生活是甜的! Sad, eat a sugar, tell yourself life is sweet! 48、在穷的只剩下梦想的时候,你一定要比别人更加努力。 In the poor only dream, you must work harder than others. 49、过去不等于未来。 The past is not the future. 50、没关系,就算再难过,明天也要满血复活。 It doesn't matter. No matter how sad you are, tomorrow will be full of blood.